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Posted July 16, 2019 by by Ryan McSparran

The whitewater rafting season has been outstanding here in the Vail valley and across Colorado, and we’d like to introduce you to another one of our favorite rivers.

In case you missed our previous featured river, go back and check out our profile on the Eagle River, which offers some of Colorado’s best seasonal rafting from Vail, down through Avon and Beaver Creek.

Christy has been a long time local in Summit county, with almost twenty years in the service industry. She is currently battling 11C Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. She has been that friendly face behind the bar from Keystone to Frisco! A dog lover and a hell of a tele skier, Christy is your quintessential badass Summit County resident! From the lake to the mountains, she enjoys the outdoor life, camping and hiking with her dog by her side. We are coming together to support Christy, not just with medical expenses, but to help her regain her quality of life!



Colorado’s wild fluctuations in snowfall and weather drastically impact the eventual snowmelt and runoff. Therefore, an accurate prediction is often difficult, until now. The total snow depth and its Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) are outstanding and well above average. Rivers across the state currently tend to be anywhere from 20% to 50% above average. Located in Buena Vista, CO, the nation’s most popular whitewater river, the Arkansas River, looks fantastic at around 30% above average. 

So you’ve come to the Breckenridge area of Colorado to enjoy an adventurous, scenic summer vacation in the mountains. Most likely typical Colorado activities such as whitewater rafting and hiking are on the agenda. Perhaps zip-lining and mountain biking as well? But you’ve dismissed horseback riding in Colorado because you want adventure and/or scenery and sitting on an old nag, following a dozen others going nose-to-tail down a trail doesn’t exactly appeal to your sense of adventure. Nor does riding a horse on a trail crowded with other hikers, bikers, dogs etc. sound like your idea of enjoying nature with the quiet companionship of an animal. Well think again!

by Ryan McSparran & Sage Outdoor Adventures

We’ve enjoyed a fabulous winter season here in the Vail Valley. Snowmobiling has been a ton of fun with excellent snow conditions. But we’re also excited that spring is around the corner. All this snow means we’re going to have an incredible whitewater rafting season!

Today, with the overwhelming popularity of whitewater rafting in Colorado, most people are aware of its tremendous appeal. Being surrounded by the natural beauty of the Colorado Rockies, the thrill and excitement of running whitewater, and the chance to share such experiences with friends and family are cherished by many. However, while most people are curious about overnight rafting trips, many people remain tentative to try these amazing experiences because they may be uncertain about comfort, safety, food, or trip details. Modern equipment and techniques combined with a focus on customer service, allows for outstanding experiences and memories to last a lifetime. The following tips should help remove the mystery.

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