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Mountain Biking

There is biking then there is mountain biking in the mountains around Breckenridge Colorado. Enjoy a workout in the beautiful outdoors away from everybody, hop on your bike and check out the beautiful Colorado mountain biking trails listed below.

Top featured rides:

  • #1 Breckenridge to Como 17.1 mile
  • Breckenridge, CO
  • 17.1 miles
  • 2,191’ Ascent
  • 11,474’ High
  • ade (3°)
  • 65% Singletrack
  • -2,099’ Descent
  • 9,704’ Low
  • 21% Max Grade (12°)
cA phenomenal point to point or out and back ride between two mountain towns. The trail description begins at the Stephen C. West Ice Arena then travels south and east up Indiana Gulch to Boreas Pass Road. After crossing Boreas Pass, descend fast paced single track and traverse a smooth, flume trail before a final, technical push into Como.

Don’t let the single track be a deterrent. Much of the double track along the route is primitive. While there are longer sections of paved and dirt roads than many great rides, those along this route offer incredible views, a tour of historic mining vestiges, and allows interconnection of some outstanding trails.
  • #2 Peaks Trail 15.6 mile
    • Frisco, CO
    • 15.6 miles
    • 1,544’ Ascent
    • 10,166’ High
    • 4% Avg Grade (2°)
    • 100% Singletrack
    • -1,544’ Descent
    • 9,087’ Low
    • 24% Max Grade (14°)


    3:08 average time for 17.2 miles. The Peaks trail is one of the most well-known mountain biking trails in Summit County. It’s no surprise, this trail has something for just about everyone. The sections near Frisco are technical enough to challenge riders who like those things, there are some great big mountain views at the halfway point of the ride, and it’s long enough with a bit of climbing to make it feel like a big ride.

    The trail can definitely be ridden from either Frisco or Breckenridge, and you can even choose to ride the paved bike path to Breckenridge and take the trail back to make things easier. The climbing is all rideable, and it’s a nice challenge.
  • #3 Breckenridge to Baker's Tank 13.3 mile
    • Breckenridge, CO
    • 13.3 miles
    • 1,754’ Ascent
    • 11,110’ High
    • 5% Avg Grade (3°)
    • 80% Singletrack
    • -1,750’ Descent
    • 9,675’ Low
    • 19% Max Grade (11°)


    1:58 average time for 14.4 miles. This is a great link from town up the lower slopes of Baldy Mountain to Baker's Tank, an historic railroad water tank along Boreas Pass Road. The trail features a respectable amount of single-track. The road sections are closed to motorized use with the exception of a mile or so of mining roads in the middle portion of the ride.

    Wayfinding from the top of Nightmare on Baldy to Mountain Pride Trail can be confusing. In general, dramatic (steep) climbs or descents are an indication that a wrong turn has been made.

    The description includes an out and back at the upper end of the ride to Baker's Tank. The ride length can be shortened by cutting this section out. However, the 1.8 mile out and back is extremely enjoyable and includes a fun section of trail with abundant aspen and some of the best dirt in the area.
  • #4 Rock Island to Galena Ditch 18.5 mile
    • Breckenridge, CO
    • 18.5 miles
    • 2,241’ Ascent
    • 10,801’ High
    • 5% Avg Grade (3°)
    • 90% Singletrack
    • -2,246’ Descent
    • 9,333’ Low
    • 24% Max Grade (13°)


    This is a loop ride from downtown Breckenridge through the Golden Horseshoe to Galena Ditch

    Trail and back to town. An opportunity to connect the trail network in French Gulch with the trails along Tiger Road.


    Use the MTB Project mobile app.

    The loop utilizes the following trails and roads in this order: French Street, Columbia Lode, Gold Flake Terrace, Corkscrew, French Creek, Vista Point, Betty’s Trail, Prospect Trail, Gold Run Road, Prospect Trail (again), Side Door, Prospect Hill Road (GH 38),Lincoln Park Road (GH 66), Rock Island Road (GH 87), Rock Island Trail, Galena Ditch Trail, Summit Gulch Road (GH 74), ZL Trail, Discovery Ridge, The Ledge Trail, Gold Run Rd (paved),Tom’s Baby, Middle Flume Trail, Upper Flume Trail, Lower Flume Trail, Huron Road (SCR 450),Blue River Bikeway.
  • #5 Classic Breckenridge Route 14.5 mile
    • Breckenridge, CO
    • 14.5 miles
    • 1,276’ Ascent
    • 10,331’ High
    • 3% Avg Grade (2°)
    • 90% Single-track
    • -1,261’ Descent
    • 9,488’ Low
    • 24% Max Grade (13°)


    This is a looped ride that can be ridden from town and offers some of the best new and old single-track Breckenridge has to offer. This ride can be lengthened by incorporating any of a myriad of adjacent trails into the loop.

    The loop is excellent CW or CCW.

    Ridden clockwise, this loop incorporates: Lower Flume Trail, Mike's Trail, Middle Flume Trail, Upper Flume Trail, Slalom, Western Sky, Prospect Hill Road (GH 38), Prospect Trail (GH 41),Side Door, Minnie Mine, X10U8, B&B Trail, V3, Barney Ford, Barney Flow, Hermit Placer, Jack's Cruel Joke, Sunbeam Trail.

    Ridden counterclockwise, this loop incorporates: Sunbeam Trail, Jack's Cruel Joke, Hermit Placer, Moonstone Trail, Barney Ford, V3, B&B Trail, Turk's Trail, B&B Trail again, Minnie Mine, Side Door, Prospect Trail, Prospect Hill Road, Western Sky, Slalom, Upper Flume Trail, Middle Flume Trail, Mike's Trail, and Lower Flume Trail.

    The best descents on the loop in either direction are 1. Slalom, 2. X10U8, 3. V3, 4. Barney Ford combined with either Barney Flow or B-Line, 5. Jack's Cruel Joke.
  • #6 Breckenridge Flumes Loop 6.5 mile
    • Breckenridge, CO
    • 6.5 miles
    • 494’ Ascent
    • 9,915’ High
    • 3% Avg Grade (2°)
    • 100% Single-track
    • -493’ Descent
    • 9,534’ Low
    • % Max Grade (13°)

    1:33 average time for 6.1 miles. Details

    A loop ride through the Highlands at Breckenridge subdivision utilizing Lower, Mike's Trail, Middle Flume Trail, and Upper Flume Trail. Both Mike's Trail and the southern end of the Upper Flume Trail are steep, loose climbs that may be challenging for beginners. The loop is very well marked. Other than the roadway crossings, way-finding along the route is easy. This loop is excellent in either direction. Riding it counterclockwise (in the opposite direction of this description) will get most of the climbing out of the way at the beginning of the ride.
  • #7 Cirque du Summit 46.6 mile
    6:06 average time for 44.9 miles. This is a massive loop ride, beginning and ending in Breckenridge, passing through Frisco, Silverthorne, Dillon and Keystone Resort.

    The loop utilizes Shock Hill trails, the Peaks Trail, Old Dillon Reservoir, Oro Grande Trail, trails within the Homestead area of Keystone, and the western end of the Golden Horseshoe trails.

    The ride includes 75%, or 35 miles of single-track. There is also approximately 9 miles of paved roads and bike path, primarily between the end of the Peaks Trail and the beginning of the Oro Grande Trail to navigate, as well as about 2 miles of dirt roadway in the Keystone area.

    The route is not exceptionally difficult technically, and there are no tough-steep climbs; however the loop is pretty long warranting at least an Intermediate/Difficult rating. Plan ride time accordingly (at1 least 6 hours).
  • #8 Breckenridge Ski Resort 12.7 mile
    • Breckenridge, CO
    • 12.7 miles
    • 1,661’ Ascent
    • 11,031’ High
    • 5% Avg Grade (3°)
    • 95% Singletrack
    • -1,669’ Descent
    • 9,620’ Low
    • 24% Max Grade (13°)


    1:55 average time for 13.9 miles. This is a 100% single-track tour of the Breckenridge Ski Resort. The downside is the ride is on the skiresort. The upside is the ride (with the exception of closing the loop through town) is 100% single-track!

    Need To Know:

    Breckenridge Ski Resort is open to lift serviced biking. The trails are by no means downhill oriented. Most of these trails are little frequented by the lift-serviced crowd; however be cautious on Swinger Switchback and Pioneer in particular.

    The loop begins and ends at the Beaver Run parking lot at the base of Peak 9.

    The final 2-1/2 miles features an entirely single-track connection between the Town of Breckenridge and the Peaks Trail.

    Because of the open ski trails, there are excellent views for much of this ride. Additionally, the open ski trail provides wildlife grazing opportunities. Moose, deer and elk sightings (on Peak 9 in particular) are quite common.
  • #9 Firecracker 50 - Dirt Version 23.8 mile
    • Breckenridge, CO
    • 23.8 miles
    • 3,273’ Ascent
    • 11,194’ High
    • 5% Avg Grade (3°)
    • 95% Singletrack
    • -3,282’ Descent
    • 9,653’ Low
    • 20% Max Grade (11°)


    This loop utilizes Illinois Creek, Aspen Alley, lower Baker's Tank Trail, Trail of Tears, Weber Gulch Road, Wirepatch, Governor King Trail, and upper Side to bypass most of the road, and all the paved sections of the race course.

    Need To Know

    Governor King Trail is open to motorized use, and as such has deep ruts in many of the switchbacks. This trail should be avoided within a week of heavy rains as the ruts hold mud and water.
    Best Mountain Bike Trails in Breckenridge

    #1  Aspen Alley 1.3 mile #48  Sawmill Road 1.4 mile
    #2  Turk's Trail 1.7 mile #49  Carter Park 0.4 mile
    #3  Barney Ford 1.6 mile #50  B&B Trail 1.5 mile
    #4  Middle Flume Trail 2.2 mile #51  Four O'Clock 1.0 mile
    #5  Barney Flow 0.3 mile #52  Chantilly Trail 0.8 mile
    #6  ZL 4.6 mile #53  Peaks Connect 1.5 mile
    #7  Betty's Trail 0.9 mile #54  Dry Gulch Trail 2.0 mile
    #8  B-Line 0.4 mile #55  Golden Rule Trail 1.0 mile
    #9  X10U8 0.7 mile #56  Harum Trail 0.5 mile
    #10  Side Door 1.9 mile #57  Discovery Ridge 1.4 mile
    #11  Slalom 0.8 mile #58  Golden Gate Loop 0.9 mile
    #12  Upper Flume Trail 3.2 mile #59  Yellow Brick Road 0.5 mile
    #13  V3 0.9 mile #60  Hermit Placer 0.8 mile
    #14  Blue River Trail 3.0 mile #61  Prospect Trail 1.7 mile
    #15  Nightmare on Baldy 0.9 mile #62  Fall Classic Trail 0.5 mile
    #16  Wanderer 3.1 mile #63  Spruce Creek Road 1.9 mile
    #17  Lower Flume Trail 1.6 mile #64  Blue River Bikeway 9.3 mile
    #18  Baker's Tank Trail 2.8 mile #65  Pence Miller 1.1 mile
    #19  Dwight's 2.6 mile #66  Sallie Barber Road 2.9 mile
    #20  Minnie Mine 1.2 mile #67  Prospect Hill Road 3.2 mile
    #21  Edge Trail 0.4 mile #68  Shock Hill 1.4 mile
    #22  Frosty's Challenge 1.7 mile #69  Mike's Trail 0.5 mile
    #23  Game Trail 2.6 mile #70  Muggins Gulch Road 1.4 mile
    #24  Fuller Trail 1.8 mile #71  Skyway Skiway 0.4 mile
    #25  Burro Trail 3.2 mile #72  Peak 9 Access Road to the W... 5.5 mile
    #26  Trail of Tears 0.6 mile #73  Preston Way 1.2 mile
    #27  Graham's Trail AKA Orange Dot 1.1 mile #74  Draw Road 1.0 mile
    #28  Unnamed Singletrack 0.5 mile #75  Extension Mill Road 0.9 mile
    #29  Wirepatch 1.2 mile #76  Forest Queen 1.5 mile
    #30  Whirl 0.7 mile #77  Lincoln Park Road 1.8 mile
    #31  Swan's Nest 0.9 mile #78  Governor King Trail 1.5 mile
    #32  Rock Island Road 2.8 mile #79  Indiana Creek Road 2.0 mile
    #33  Juniata Trail 1.0 mile #80  Crossing Route 0.5 mile
    #34  Jack's Cruel Joke 0.3 mile #81  True Romance 1.2 mile
    #35  Tom's Baby 0.3 mile #82  Gold Run Road 3.8 mile
    #36  Pioneer 3.9 mile #83  Spruce Road 1.1 mile
    #37  Sawmill Trail 1.7 mile #84  Summit Gulch Road 3.2 mile
    #38  Reservoir Trail 0.9 mile #85  Humbug Hill (GH 61) 0.8 mile
    #39  Spruce Creek Trail 2.0 mile #86  Little Corporal 0.3 mile
    #40  Toad Alley 1.1 mile #87  The Ledge 0.7 mile
    #41  Mountain Pride Trail 1.3 mile #88  Burro Trail Access Trail 0.1 mile
    #42  Moonstone Trail 0.4 mile #89  Lomax Placer 0.2 mile
    #43  Western Sky 0.9 mile #90  Select 10 0.4 mile
    #44  Horseshoe Gulch Trail 2.0 mile #91  Sallie Barber parallel sing... 0.2 mile
    #45  Prospector Trail 0.7 mile #92  Juniata-Barney Ford cross c... 0.1 mile
    #46  Boreas Pass Road 17.4 mile #93  Shock Hill Overlook 0.2 mile
    #47  Swinger 3.4 mile  

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